Equipment Requirements

Refer to the Rule Book for clarification

  • Pistol including magazine must fit in a box measuring 8 3/4 inch. x 6 inch. x 1 5/8 inch. Any stock revolver with a barrel no longer than four inches
  • Belt type holster that covers the handgun's trigger.
  • Magazines / Speed Loaders / Moon Clips enough for 18 rounds.
  • Ear and Eye Protection - Spectators must have this too.
  • Enough ammo to cover an average match. (approx. 100 rounds).
  • Concealment Garment (Jacket, Vest or Long Shirt)


Because IDPA is founded on the principal of simulating practical real life defensive pistol craft, all equipment used in a match must meet the following simple guidelines:

  • Practical for self-defense use
  • Concealable and suitable for all-day continuous wear
  • Worn in a manner that would be appropriate for all-day continuous wear


If it was designed for competition it is probably not acceptable for IDPA. For more detailed information see the International Defensive Pistol Club (IDPA) web site at

Low Country International Defensive Pistol Association