Low Country IDPA is a locally registered International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Club. Like IDPA, our Club promotes the development of defensive pistol craft by hosting scenarios that simulate real life occurrences. We are not a para-military or militia type organization. Attendance at our matches is primarily made up of middle-class professionals.

We welcome shooters who conduct themselves in a courteous manner and demand the highest level of range safety. Our club does not teach offensive tactics. Though some defensive tactics are similar, our club's sole focus is to host matches that promote safe gun handling and develop defensive life-preserving skills. For safety reasons, all scenarios are controlled by IDPA trained Safety Officers (SO's). The SO's assist you in completing the scenario in a safe manner, that also complies with IDPA rules. Match scenarios are designed to enhance everyone's ability to protect themselves and their family from a violent attack.

Low Country International Defensive Pistol Association

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